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My areas of specialization.   All of these areas are about living, loving, loss, and adjustment in our everyday lives. When we hear the word loss we think about illness or death but there are many other types of losses including:

Financial: dismissal from work, retirement and changes in finances.

Relationship:  Breaking up, divorce of friend or family member, family member moving away, family member entering the military.

Medical: Pregnancy, miscarriage, fertility issues, disability, loss of hearing, eyesight, mobility.  Mental illness, loss of physical appearance, terminal illness or auto immune disease.

Death: loss of family member or friend from sudden death, illness or accident.

Intangible: loss of trust, approval, safety, identity, loss of status.

In addition, I work with issues related to:

   •Anxiety, depression and stress management. 

   •Caregiver issues and elder care concerns.

   •Inter-generational issues.

   •End of life issues.

   •Self Esteem.

   •Adult children with Developmental Disability

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